Every woman’s essentials!

My kit is filled with products from every price range! I’ve been wearing make up for many many years and I’m a huge fan of the natural look with good but light coverage. 

Rimmel wake me up foundation, this is like maybe $14 and it’s great. So light, my skin can breathe. It matchs so well with my light fair Irish skin tones. For that price it’s a serious bargain!

Great Lash by Maybelline, every woman should have this tucked away in their bag. Tiny brush but mighty results. It doesn’t get clumpy, it’s perfect so my long but light lashes. Cheap and wonderful. Love it. 

Neutrogena hydro boost gel, love it, love it, love it. Go get it. Does wonders, also a great price!

La Roche Posay sunblock factor 60, you gotta protect that skin. In summer and winter I need it. If you don’t, you really should. Helps keep that skin looking good! Don’t want those wrinkles here. 

Sally Hansen complete salon nail polish – like it’s actually my favourite! I’ve spent so much money over the years trying to find the perfect nail polish. This one is the best. Love the colour, it stays on!! Like actually stays on. I work like crazy, with cameras and gear and my nails go through a beating – let me tell you, Sally can take it. 

Clarins lip gloss, love it, glossy, stays on, it’s got a little shimmer, it smells good! Love it.

Got2B hair putty, the purple tub. It smells devine, it’s perfect for short hair, particularly if you like the natural messy hair look. Can’t live without it!

Naked Urban Decay, the basic pallete, perfect for everyday vibes! Or as a base for evening with a little shimmer over top. Also love this because I make a smoky eye with the black, so easy and I use the brown as eyebrow filler – 3 in 1 girls. Genius!

Advil, as a woman who suffers once a month, this has to be in my kit. Thanks for making life go easy on my Advil. 

Yves Saint Laurent, mon Paris, Jesus, its just so good. Can’t live without. Love all perfume by YSL always been a big fan!

Oh the Chanel make up brush – go get it! Best invention. Still the best brush on the market. Love it!!

That’s pretty much it gals! Let me know what your “can’t live without” gear is.



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