This is our life, our blog, our journal, a space to share all the good stuff. We are a youngish couple of nearly four years. We met in Toronto on a cold October day in 2013 and the rest is history. We instantly fell madly in love, we are a serious online dating success story (will have to share that story in a post someday) We are both passionate people, we love the same things, we have combined and created our dreams ┬átogether and that’s the journey we are on and we want to take you with us!

We will be starting a youtube channel in the coming months, blogging, and instagramming to share all thats going on. In the family we have Emilly the Engineer, Aoife the photographer, Chloe the Pomeranian, Jolie the pug, Murphy the cat and Pablito (Still to be adopted… and not sure what kind of pet yet, but we thought the name was perfect fitting for our family)

We hustle, cook, clean, bake(kinda), camp, bike, shoot, edit, sing, play guitar, watch movies, draw, paint, make, create, shake, drink and eat all the fun stuff.

Hope you enjoy!