Don’t expect good English — if it offends you then please f*ck off


So I moved to Toronto over three and a half years ago. If I had to try break it down to see how much I loved it here, I would say, I’m 80% very content and the remaining 20% I am annoyed, pissed off, cold, freezing, waiting to get warm or missing home!

I come from Ireland, a f*cking great Country, I just hate the rain… and unfortunately it rains a lot there. But I guess in someways the rain makes Ireland, Ireland. Meaning green. With all of that being said, I didn’t expect things to be so different when I moved here, I had the place pretty much summed up without even having come visit the Country before moving here. These stories and experiences will follow in the coming blog posts.

This space, blog, journal or whatever way it shapes as time goes by… is a place where I will offer my advice on moving here, living here, missing home, my favourite places, food, drink, summer getaways, winter getaways, the good and the bad, the best and the worst!

So stay tuned for whats to come!

Peace x