Get outta the city when you can!

Toronto is beautiful, but when you eat, breathe and sleep the city it can become too much sometimes. Get your car, rent a car, take a bus, bike or walk, get outa the city and get some fresh air! Prince Edward County is one of my favourite places so far, its filled with the cutest towns, galleries, antique dealers, coffee shops and restaurants.

We normally camp at Sandbanks and its amazing, its right on the lake and for a foreign gal like me, its just like the ocean without the smell of the salt air and seaweed. It gets jam packed there so get out on the beach early and enjoy the day, the BBQ’s, the sunsets, the campsite and meet some Quebecers who love to visit 🙂

Don’t forget to pack the following:

Citronella (all you can find) // kindling // cloth to start the fire // matches // water // a blow up bed // sun cream // aftersun // towels // flip flops // toothbrush // soap // cooler (if you have one or pick up a disposable one) // BBQ (if you can) //wine and beer opener // Swiss army knife (you never know) charcoal(get a big cheap bag at Canadian tire) and buy wood for the fire on the road and not on the campsites, you can save $10 per bag if you buy it on the road side on the way to your camp site!

Tip // Leave your home clean and your laundry done before you leave the city and when you are coming home, leave late in the evening, enjoy the local shops and farms and skip all the traffic. You won’t regret it!