I started writing a journal again!

But it’s not just any journal, it’s the five minute journal. For those who don’t know what it is, look for it, find it, order it and start writing. It is a personal journal that promotes positivity in your life. In the morning, you fill in what your grateful for, what would make the day great, your daily affirmations and so on. In the evening, you write in three things that made the day amazing, and how you could have made it even better.

This journal can literally be used for everyone and every little or big thing they are trying to improve or change. Be it, stress less, walk more, hydrate more, work more or less, draw more, sing more, what ever it is that needs a little push of positivity or focus, without sounding like I’m on commission or a TV sales person, this journal is perfect for you!

Im generally, like everyday a very positive person, I work hard, play hard, help, love, care and wake up happy.  But I still need more focus in my life. I’m blessed with a creative mind that is always on the go and I’m definitely feeling a positive change for focus from the journal!

It’s $22 or so and worth every little penny! Get it here 👉 The five minute journal

*Tip // Google Indigo promo code to get upto 10% off your order 🙂


Get outta the city when you can!

Toronto is beautiful, but when you eat, breathe and sleep the city it can become too much sometimes. Get your car, rent a car, take a bus, bike or walk, get outa the city and get some fresh air! Prince Edward County is one of my favourite places so far, its filled with the cutest towns, galleries, antique dealers, coffee shops and restaurants.

We normally camp at Sandbanks and its amazing, its right on the lake and for a foreign gal like me, its just like the ocean without the smell of the salt air and seaweed. It gets jam packed there so get out on the beach early and enjoy the day, the BBQ’s, the sunsets, the campsite and meet some Quebecers who love to visit 🙂

Don’t forget to pack the following:

Citronella (all you can find) // kindling // cloth to start the fire // matches // water // a blow up bed // sun cream // aftersun // towels // flip flops // toothbrush // soap // cooler (if you have one or pick up a disposable one) // BBQ (if you can) //wine and beer opener // Swiss army knife (you never know) charcoal(get a big cheap bag at Canadian tire) and buy wood for the fire on the road and not on the campsites, you can save $10 per bag if you buy it on the road side on the way to your camp site!

Tip // Leave your home clean and your laundry done before you leave the city and when you are coming home, leave late in the evening, enjoy the local shops and farms and skip all the traffic. You won’t regret it!


Don’t expect good English — if it offends you then please f*ck off


So I moved to Toronto over three and a half years ago. If I had to try break it down to see how much I loved it here, I would say, I’m 80% very content and the remaining 20% I am annoyed, pissed off, cold, freezing, waiting to get warm or missing home!

I come from Ireland, a f*cking great Country, I just hate the rain… and unfortunately it rains a lot there. But I guess in someways the rain makes Ireland, Ireland. Meaning green. With all of that being said, I didn’t expect things to be so different when I moved here, I had the place pretty much summed up without even having come visit the Country before moving here. These stories and experiences will follow in the coming blog posts.

This space, blog, journal or whatever way it shapes as time goes by… is a place where I will offer my advice on moving here, living here, missing home, my favourite places, food, drink, summer getaways, winter getaways, the good and the bad, the best and the worst!

So stay tuned for whats to come!

Peace x